What Our Clients Have to Say...

"NiSoft, with their main product, Eclipse, provides a tagout/lockout PC based system, second to none. With a robust, secure, easy to use, reasonably priced product it was easily our first choice when looking for a system to purchase."

  • Steve Kent
  • Shift Engineer/Team Leader
  • Centrica - King's Lynn Power Station


With the summer 2013 launch of Eclipse3 (e3), NiSoft introduces to the market its latest generation Safety Document Management System. The e3 system builds upon the legacy of its predecessors, bringing a wealth of functionality onto an updated technology platform. All of the eclipse modules our customers have implemented within their Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSOW) including electronic Permit-to-Work, Risk Assessment/JHA/JSA and the Data Exchange (DEx) integration module are components of e3. To this base NiSoft has added much more. The new e3 system was designed and developed from the ground up to take full advantage of today’s prevailing technologies and optimize today’s work practices in order to address the ever-changing needs of the industries we serve.

Attributes of the e3 system include:

Web design

e3 has been designed from the outset to be browser-based and deployed via the web to internal and external users possessing proper credentials. The n-tier design effectively segments data, logic and user interface layers.

Intuitive System Administration and Security

Establishing and managing sites and users of various types within the e3 system is easily and securely done through approved constructs and defined permissions.

Workflow Configuration Tool 

Initially used during the project implementation process, this powerful feature enables a more rigorous and expedited implementation of the software. Following the introduction of e3 into a live operation, customers may license and use the Configuration Tool to reconfigure their e3 system to reflect new work processes (i.e. notification and approval workflow routing) and documents.

Highly Scalable

The robust internal Message Handler provides the ability to add large numbers of users and to maintain large databases within the e3 system without performance degradation.

Enhanced User Interface

From the new “look and feel” to the efficient “2-click to anywhere” design, to meaningful, context-sensitive online help, every aspect of the UI is intended to assist all users, casual to expert, perform their work in e3 more quickly and effectively.


Two levels of on-going configuration capability exist within e3. The Document Designer provides users the ability to redesign and publish permits and other documents without requiring technical resources. The Workflow Configuration Tool allows trained users to revise existing or create new work flows to support changes in their business processes. When used with the Document Designer, existing documents and underlying workflow can be modified and new documents generated.


Electronic use of e3 may be enabled at the point of work via use of handheld or tablet devices.

Cloud Capable

The n-tier design and web-delivery capability enable the use of public or private cloud computing environments.

Microsoft Centric

NiSoft recognizes the importance of maintaining consistency with the technology platforms chosen and supported by our customers.

All these features and more are designed to enhance safety and compliance by providing measureable improvements in the management of safe working practices, staff productivity and equipment availability through electronic permit generation and authorization, accurate audit tracking and real-time management reporting.

By introducing e3, NiSoft is adding to its product range and will continue to sell and support both the client-server and new web-built versions of the eclipse system.

Please contact your regional NiSoft office or complete the information request on this website for more information or to schedule a demonstration of the e3 system.