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Complete Safety Document Management tailored to match your Safety Rules


With nearly two decades of experience and expertise, we can guarantee a safety system to suit your site.


Eclipse3 (e3) is NiSoft’s latest generation Safety Document Management System.  Launched in summer 2013, e3 introduces web capability, online workflow configuration, a document design tool and much more to the existing rich feature set enjoyed by eclipse users worldwide.

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The eclipse ISSOW solution provides operations departments with powerful tools for managing permits, risk assessments, certificates, isolations and other safety documents in a 24x7 environment.  With its configurable workflow, on screen documents and processes including reporting and archiving, eclipse is easy to use and provides a highly flexible and proven solution to solve productivity, efficiency and compliance challenges within safety document management.

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DEx allows eclipse to interact with different Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) systems and HR systems. This lets vital data automatically flow to and from eclipse, maximising the efficiency of your safety processes.

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